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Introduction to Salzburg
To find an appartment/house
Official visits / dealing with authorities
different aftermove services
Family needs

How can a relocation service help?

In most cases of relocation – often due to career – the man (mostly) is immediately tied up with work. This leaves little or no time for the organisation of ones private life. The choice of a suitable property is mostly chosen together but the rest is usually left to the partner, such as official paperwork, finding a school or playgroup, doctor, cleaner, local information (i.e. shop opening hours, language school etc.).
Often a different language adds a new hurdle so that even the most simple things become a challenge.

An organised and perfectly functioning household is the basis for a successful business. Every firm should assist a new employee in this step and support a successful integration. Exactly in this situation, the relocation manager is of help. To settle down in new surroundings takes time. Problems and questions arise daily.

Instead of being a hurdle, it becomes a challenge with my competent support.